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Patchnotes posts: 529-548:
5487/23/2014 at 18:59publicAstalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5477/20/2014 at 23:20Tiny patchnoteAstalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5466/24/2014 at 22:11Various Crafting UpdatesAstalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5456/17/2014 at 7:56Even more pyromania updates, oh my.Graff, the Weaver of DesireEveryone
5446/17/2014 at 3:04More pyromania updatesGraff, the Weaver of DesireEveryone
5436/16/2014 at 16:18Pyromania changesGraff, the Weaver of DesireEveryone
5426/11/2014 at 21:45Bloodlore fixes.Astalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5416/3/2014 at 13:44Fishing BaublesGraff, the Weaver of DesireEveryone
5405/31/2014 at 14:45Silverthorn, baubles and more!Graff, the Weaver of DesireEveryone
5395/29/2014 at 7:58Miscellaneous PatchesGraff, the Weaver of DesireEveryone
5385/27/2014 at 23:49Flowers and Flowery thingsTock the PalimpsestEveryone
5375/26/2014 at 15:09Smelting PatchnotesAstalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5365/23/2014 at 4:47Miscellaneous Small PatchesGraff, the Weaver of DesireEveryone
5355/21/2014 at 21:04Whoops, missed one!Astalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5345/21/2014 at 20:53Small PatchnotesAstalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5335/16/2014 at 21:40Brief Comm UpdateAstalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5325/13/2014 at 21:46miscellaneous PatchesGraff, the Weaver of DesireEveryone
5315/1/2014 at 0:16Quick noteAstalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5304/29/2014 at 22:52Patchnotes!Astalon, the LawbringerEveryone
5294/13/2014 at 2:37Post on updatesAstalon, the LawbringerEveryone
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