Sorry for being away, hopefully wont be for much longer.

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I moved to a flat on sunday (long, long way from home) and we are yet to get the net setup. I can chat on the forums at Uni but it seems to block playing the actual game. By midway through next week I should have the net at my new home.

Can't wait to get back into it. Sorry for leaving SSG, I havn't forgot about ya!

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You can come back as long as you keep your hands off the ring Tongue

Six days in a row now!

But srsly hope you get all settled and sorted quickly and come back to us Smile

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Joined: 2012-02-27

Hahaha well...I do plan on leveling hard when I get back, so I can't promise to keep away from that ring Laughing out loud. Nice 6 days, I've never held it for more than 3 sooooo want to see what the last few visions are!

And thanks, new flatmates are pretty legit, should be a fun year!

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WOOT glad to see you are coming back.......was wondering what happened.


Awesome times are ahead for us clearly

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