Sedia Tunnels

Introduction, Guides and Walkthrough


The Sedia Tunnels are a network of caverns and ancient mines in the Stone Mountain region, close to the Skylake. They can be accessed from the mountains in the Western Teeth of the World through a narrow pass into Stone Mountain. The tunnels were once populated by a tribe of Goblins before they were driven out  by a force of dwarves from Stone Mountain. After setting up a mining settlement, the dwarves prospered for generations before a large earthquake  buried the settlement and the mines were abandoned.

Another natural disaster has opened the mines once again and a group of Dwarves and Goblins both have moved back to the mines and the wealth within it.  Friction has grown between the two groups as they vie for the mineral wealth of the mines. The dwarves have brought in witnesses to rally support for their cause, allies from Yabon and even an Eledhel elf from Elvandar. The Goblins have likewise sought help from their allies, the Trolls and a Moredhel Spellweaver, who has found a source of Dark Path magic within the mines.

Currently both groups have dug in and the situation is at a stalemate as they protect themselves from each other and the local wildlife.


Unlike other newbie areas, the Sedia Tunnels is created specifically to teach new players to text based and IRE games the intricacies of learning to adventure. There are over twenty unique quests in the game, each with detailed hints and steps to teach new adventurers how to complete the other quests within the world.

Some examples of what you can learn in this area include:

  • How to greet, talk and speak to denizens
  • How to complete simple fed-ex, question and do an emotion (emote) in a room
  • How to complete quests which require the slaying of another denizen and returning it


The following are some of the quests available in the Sedia Tunnels and how you could solve them.
A hunter in the tunnels, he is seeking out a spider as his prey and wants you to lead his hunting dog to the spider to kill it. Once activated the dog will begin following you, walk to the spider and wait until the dog has slain it, then return to Biggity.
A dwarven toxicologist who is distilling potions from the venom of scorpions. Kill the nearby scorpions in their cave and return their dropped tails to Buckwhat for a reward. You will have to pick up the tails as you kill the scorpions.
One of the more advanced quests of the region best left to the end. Dandred is a dwarven magician who is trying to create a rift to another area. He requires mana crystals to power his staff in creating the rift. Any crystals you stumble across can be returned. Once enough are returned, Dandred will open a rift you can enter to the next newbie area, without having to walk or use portals.
Diggory wants to tell you all about the Dwarves of Midkemia Online. Just ask him about "dwarves" or "dwarf" and he will tell you all you need to know. Once he is finished you will be rewarded - just don't leave until he is done.
A decidedly unpleasant fat lout who eats too much. He has taken a shine to mushrooms. Once you are given the quest search for nearby locations in the room description through look to spot where mushrooms may grow. Once you find one, then try and get the mushrooms and see what happens. Return any mushroom you find to the fat lout.
Wants to tell you about Goblins and their tribes through Midkemia Online. Ask him about "goblins" or a similar word and listen to what he has to say. Once he is finished you will be rewarded - just don't leave until he is done.
A geomancer who is investigating the properties of the iron of the mines. Harlat will reward you for any iron you find on your adventure through the tunnels if you return it to them. Just GET IRON to collect it when you see it.
A moredhel, or Brother of the Dark-Path, who has come to the tunnels to support the goblins against the nearby dwarves. He wants to tell you about Moredhel culture and if you stay until he is finished, he will reward you.
To counter Ironsu, the edhel of Elvandar have sent Ithius to come and aid their dwarven allies. Ithius wants to tell you about the edhel race and if you ask him about them he will tell you as much as you need to get started. Just ensure you stay until the end to earn your reward.
A human from the Hadati Highlands who has also come to the tunnel to observe as it is close to their lands. He would like to tell you about the Kingdom of the Isles and the humans of the southern lands. Ask him about humans and then listen to what he has to say to receive your reward.
A shaman who is trying to power a magical teleportation circle to another place in the world. To fuel his spell he needs gems of power that can be found littered around the tunnels, returning enough to him will open a portal to another place - another newbie area. It is best to leave this quest to the end if you have not done the other quests in the tunnels yet.
A moredhel who is studying the Dark Path magic of the Valheru Dargon Lords which appears to have manifested in the caves. Linith wants you to help her in her study. Follower her instructions to complete the quest.
A dwarven matron feeding the troops of dwarves in the tunnels, she is trying to make a soup for them but requires some more protein. Seek out the ants in the upper caverns and kill them, returning their corpses to mertle for your reward.
Padraig has lost his miners hat somewhere in the tunnels. He asks the player to go and find it for him. When you find it, just get it and take it back to Padraig for a reward. You will need to give him the hat.
Rogrum mans a ballista near the entrance to the dwarven enclave in the tunnels but the weapon is facing the wrong way. You are asked to turn it in the correct direction to fire at encroaching goblins. To fire the ballista, simple TURN it with the turn command until it is facing in the right direction to shoot up the tunnel.
A powerful troll mercenary who has come to the tunnels after being bought for by the goblins who inhabit it. Strongarm wants to tell you more about the tribes of trolls. Just ask strongarm to tell you about trolls and listen to his story.
Sylvie wants you to help her push her cart of ore to the smithy so it can be unloaded. PUSH the cart until it reaches the smithy further into the dwarven enclave to receive your reward.
This clumsy miner has managed to get his pick caught in a nearby rock. You should be able to get it free fairly easily by PULLing on it.
A blustering assassin who has been hired to help the goblins in the tunnels, Urtu has several tasks for you to do to help him in his job if you listen carefully and do them as he asks.
A storeroom keeper in the tunnels, Uthra has lost a box while stocking the shelves and would like you to find it and return it. If you come across a box in the outer tunnels then you might want to pick it up and take it back to her.
A glutton who has taken a liking to unborn scorpions. Vindit sends you on a quest to find scorpion eggs for him in the upper tunnels surrounded by their larger parents. Sneak in and find any nests and get the eggs from them, returning them for a reward.
A trollish priest who is trying to reactivate a magical scroll he has found in the tunnels, but it requires a password. Yartuk is sure a hint must be nearby and so asks you to find the password in a nearby cavern. Search the long descriptions of the rooms nearby and seek out a name that is similar to a modern version of the God of Blood, Predation, and Forbidden Revelry.

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